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Collegiate Sales Society 3rd Annual Summit and Virtual Career Fair

Collegiate Sales Society (CSS) is excited to announce its 3rd Annual Summit and Virtual Career Fair which will bring sales education, networking, and career opportunities to college and university campuses nationwide! Participating college students will get the opportunity to work with experienced sales and hiring professionals from various industries. 

On October 19th, from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST students will interact with a social selling-focused panel and 3-D animated virtual career fair. Students will gain a better understanding of the evolution of social selling in today’s society, expand their professional network, and/or potentially earn an internship role or entry-level sales position. Current students and recent college graduates should attend if they are:

  • Interested in finding an internship or job opportunity;
  • Looking to promote their personal brand and build a network;
  • Looking for sales education opportunities; and
  • Looking to practice interviewing, networking, and relationship building.

Students wishing to register for the social selling panel and career fair should do so by visiting

Matteo Roncaglia, CSS Chapter President at Penn State University, is looking forward to this year’s Summit. He said, “I’m excited for the National Summit and Career Fair because it shows what the Collegiate Sales Society is about. So shortly after joining, I will already have the opportunity to expand my network and learn from professionals.”

Roncaglia is not the only student looking forward to this year's event. Will Pelton, CSS Chapter President and senior at the University of California, Berkeley said, “I really look forward to this year’s CSS summit because of the diverse & distinguished professionals that will be in attendance, and I am excited to gain insight, advice, and inspiration from these sales leaders across a variety of industries. As a member of UC Berkeley’s chapter, I have learned the importance of effective communication, professional demeanor, and the significance of establishing professional relationships. I will utilize the skills I have learned from the courses’ content, coaches, and Collegiate Sales Certification program to confidently prepare for this opportunity, and I ultimately hope to carry the momentum from this event when kickstarting my career!” 

This year’s Summit will feature companies such as Gartner, Adobe, Stryker, Fastenal, Intuit, Vendition, and many more

“Gartner is excited to participate in the Collegiate Sales Society Fall Summit again this year as our experience in 2021 was great! The Summit provided us a great opportunity to network with top students from across the country and helped support our sales pipeline,” said Stephanie Shull, Sr. National Partners Recruiter at Gartner. “We have 2 CSS Summit attendees joining Gartner full-time and cannot wait to add more to the Gartner family!”

CSS membership is free for students and college campuses. To become a part of the #1 community for the next generation of sales leaders and start networking today, contact a CSS national representative by emailing ​​ or visiting Individual members and new sales chapters are now being accepted. Students wishing to register for the career fair should do so by visiting

About Collegiate Sales Society

Founded in 2019, Collegiate Sales Society was established to bridge the gap between the experience and skills college students learn in school and what is sought after by employers. The premier national collegiate sales organization, CSS creates lifelong leaders through sales education, networking, and career opportunities. Program offerings, including the Collegiate Sales Certification, CSS Summit, and Virtual Career Fair, allow members to cultivate sales skills through real experience and network with industry professionals. 

For more information on the partnership contact CSS Program Director, Courtney Cochran at