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8 Questions You need to be able to answer during an interview

When you walk into any interview, whether it be online or in-person, being prepared is an important step to getting a job offer. Having dedicated time to construct answers to common questions will help you relax and feel comfortable and confident. Employers will notice if you are qualified based on the skills and experience you choose to highlight during the interview.

Here ate 8 questions you should be able to answer during a sales interview:

  1. Why sales
  2. Why (Company Name)
  3. Tell me about yourself
  4. Tell me a time you succeeded
  5. Tell me a time you failed
  6. What will be your greatest challenge in the first 3 months
  7. How would you respond to a customer who wasn’t interested in buying your product
  8. Why should we hire you

To learn how to successfully answer these questions check out Common Interview Questions and How to Answer. To download the practice worksheet click here