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The CSS Annual Summit and Virtual Career Fair

We are thrilled to announce The CSS Annual Summit and Virtual Career Fair is once again upon us! This annual event brings together the likes of student professionals and sales leaders from varying educational institutions and sales industries. As a part of our mission to create lifelong leaders through sales education and career opportunities, Collegiate Sales Society uses the CSS Summit as a way for students to learn and network with experienced sales professionals to up their chances of landing a sales role!

What to anticipate:

Cold Calling Competition

The cold calling or sales pitch competition tasks each participant with booking a meeting with the Director of People and Operations at Asana with the interest of purchasing Oculus’ to alleviate the isolation of a remote working environment. The top 3 winners will be announced and granted their prizes at the CSS Annual Summit. Students must register to participate!

DISCLAIMER: The cold calling/sales pitch competition is not mandatory to attend the Summit! It is just a fun way for CSS students to practice their sales skills and engage in some healthy competition amongst their peers! Plus, winning a cold calling competition is a unique accolade to add to one's resume. 

Sales Panel

The CSS Summit provides an immersive opportunity for students to carefully listen to sales professionals provide their take and experience on trends, resources, or opportunities in the sales community. This year our panel will be focused on social selling. Panelists will explore a deeper look into the evolution of social selling in today's society and what students should expect to see as they transition into full-time employment. 

Virtual Career Fair

To attend the event is free! You just need to register. Your registration grants you access to our cold calling competition awards, sales panel, and virtual career fair. The registration form will prompt you to fill out some basic information and attach a copy of your resume, so make sure your resume is up to date before registering! For resume tips and interview best practices, click here.

Save your spot today! Your future self will thank you!