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Explore Sales Career Paths with Gartner!

Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice, and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. In a world of change, it takes a certain mindset to build business success. Our teams of thinkers and doers know that staying curious is the best way to shape the future, for ourselves and our clients. 

When it comes to sales, is there really such a thing as a “traditional” career path? Whether you
start your career here with us, or change course throughout your career, you’ll have the tools,
teams and resources to help you continue to advance and achieve and like many, exceed your

Read on to hear first-hand perspectives from some of our sales associates around the world as
they share about their career journeys, how Gartner has supported their aspirations, steps
they’ve taken to advance their career, and tips to help you to achieve success in sales.

Melissa Wells, Managing Vice President Business Development

MelissaWellsI joined Gartner about 9 years ago. I’ve had many roles in this time across Global Technology Sales (GTS) and Global Business Sales (GBS), including: Midsize Enterprise Sales (MSE)
Account Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Sales Manager, Large Enterprise (LE) Business Development Director, Regional Vice President of Business Development, and Managing Vice President Business Development.

During this time, I’d say the best career decision I’ve made was probably when I took the
chance and joined Gartner in 2013 as an Account Manager. This was my first sales role - I
wasn’t sure if I would be good at it and wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I knew my traits aligned
with the traits of those who have been successful in sales. I seized the opportunity to jump
outside of my comfort zone to learn new skills and it turned out to be the beginning of an
incredible journey. I am so thankful that I chose Gartner (and that Gartner took a risk in hiring
me, without any prior sales experience). I have crossed paths with so many great, talented,
diverse people at Gartner and without taking that first leap, I would have missed out on so

For others looking to grow their careers, I’d say always keep your values at the forefront when
you are evaluating organizations, teams, and roles. What is important to you on a personal level
should align closely with what you are driving towards as a business. Ask the questions early to
make sure the role is one you would truly grow in and enjoy. I am a mother of three young
children, and at Gartner I have always been supported by my teams, peers, and leaders in
maintaining a great work-life balance. This enables me to show up 100% for my family and
100% for my teams at Gartner, and has been a big factor in my growth at the company.
Second, don’t be afraid to be competitive in your own way - put yourself out there! Historically,
confident professional women have sometimes been labeled as bossy or unfriendly. Don’t worry
about that - if you are genuine and authentic, that will come through and benefit you in a sales

Tim Hall, Regional Vice President, Americas Midsized Enterprise (MSE)

tim-hallI worked as a teacher before deciding to change my career and come to Gartner. While teaching was rewarding in the sense that I was developing kids and supporting their growth, it did not align with my financial goals and the lifestyle I desired. I knew that a role in sales with unlimited earning potential would award the opportunity I was seeking. My wife earned a position with Gartner in Client Services then referred me for the Midsize Enterprise Sales (MSE) and Conference Attendance Specialist (CAS) roles. Through the interview process, I was selected to join the Conference team.

The conference sales team was amazing. I had the opportunity to join the organization during a
very high growth period. Conferences were expanding globally as were the sales teams needed
to deliver the attendance. My favorite part of the conference sales team was the fast-paced
environment the role offered. Getting wins (closing sales) on nearly a daily basis was great.
Each team had a bell to ring with every win and it was very exciting to hear those bells going off
daily, even hourly. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the opportunity to lead at several
layers of the business including running global teams.

After about 5 years on the conferences team, I joined the Global Technology Sales (GTS) team
as Regional Vice President (RVP). My favorite aspect is the focus on people. Gartner invests
heavily in the tools, compensation, and resources to support the success of every associate.

Jack Slaughter, Area Vice President, Supply Chain for UK & India

252186_5 (1)Gartner was actually referred to me by a friend. He mentioned the Midsize Enterprise (MSE)
division who were expanding their team. As I was working in recruitment at the time, I decided
to take the challenge on myself of managing my own application for the company, canvassing
the various recruiters, and ended up lucky enough to secure a first-stage interview and that was
the very start of it all!

Over the past 8 years, what has continued to capture me is the opportunity to develop into new
roles and grow. I have actually already done 4 different role types during my time here and
everyone exposes and challenges me to learn and grow in new ways.

For candidates interested in joining the team, I think it is really important to demonstrate a clear
passion for sales. Sales is a very understated profession but people should be proud of their
sales heritage/background and really let that shine through. You are being interviewed by
leaders who will thrive off that passion and drive for sales. We are a sales-driven organization,
sales is at the center of all we strive for, so when it comes to applying for a sales role at Gartner,
don’t be afraid to let out the salesperson within you!

Be yourself, Gartner appreciates authenticity and integrity. We absolutely take pride in our
culture and as leaders, we are always looking for people who will drive our ever-evolving and
diverse sales force to new heights.

Interested in the opportunity to join Gartner's sales team? If so, check out opportunities on our team here.