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Clink! Cheers to a Career in Alcohol Sales or Spirits Sales

Anyone who is looking for a fast-paced sales role full of face-to-face interaction, travel, and time in the field should absolutely consider a role in the alcohol and spirits industry as a sales representative. Spirit sales representatives are responsible for selling beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages to a variety of establishments such as liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels. These representatives assess the client's needs, offer product recommendations, and facilitate liquor orders with the manufacturers. 

Alcohol Sales

Spirit or liquor sales can be a lucrative business with many opportunities for growth. If a representative manages their accounts effectively and brings in a high volume of sales, they can become territory managers, district managers, or regional managers. 

These representatives spend a lot of time traveling to their various “accounts” or establishments that work with them to ensure that they have the product that they need. During this time they ensure that clients are satisfied with their experience, and often use the opportunity to highlight new products that are coming out. Representatives in this position persuade customers into making large purchase orders to drive more sales. This can also include assembling and representing displays inside the store to accentuate a new product and answer customers’ questions straight from the source.

The spirit industry is highly competitive, so creative marketing and excellent interpersonal skills are important for success in this position. Being able to approach a client with a unique pitch, a creative display for the product, and a well-articulated strategy will lead to success. 

Background knowledge of alcoholic beverages is also helpful in a role like this. It helps sales representatives educate themselves and their prospects on the nuances of their product, so students with viticulture, brewing, or other alcohol-related experience are helpful. 


Students who are well-versed in marketing have a good chance of being successful in spirit sales. They can use their skills to differentiate their product from the many competitors in the market. There is also an advantage to having some artistic or design experience that will be helpful in creating aesthetically pleasing and intuitively designed displays for new products to get shoppers’ attention in the store and increase purchases. Relationship building and management skills are also important in this role, as a spirit sales representative will need to ensure that their current clients continue purchasing their product. 

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