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College Fashionistas to Fashion Sales

College is full of fashionistas, beauty gurus, and material girls. Weekends are spent at the mall shopping with friends and capturing the perfect Instagram photos. However, it’s not all play for these A-type personalities. The school days are filled with productivity! Many hold leadership positions within their Greek houses and on-campus clubs (like Collegiate Sales Society). If we’ve just described you and you are looking for a career that aligns with your interests in pop culture, current trends and being fashionable then we have a career path for you - Fashion Sales

Working as a Fashion Sales Representative involves interacting with fashion buyers who may work for department stores, catalog outlets, or small businesses. The goal is to sell products to buyers who will sell the products in their own store. Some of you may have already worked as a Fashion Sales Rep without even realizing it. If you have worked as a sales associate for a retail store that sold apparel and then you can consider yourself having been a Fashion Sales Representative! In many cases, Fashion Sales Reps are required to wear the brand's clothing during their shifts. This is a simple and effective way to market the brand, the styles, and the fit of the attire ultimately helping makes sales!  

Fashion Sales Representatives must be able to:

  • Maintain knowledge of current fashion trends and styles
  • Use product knowledge to sell various types of clothing 
  • Create lasting customer relationships

Common skills of Fashion Sales Representatives:

  • Ability to analyze current fashion trends and incorporate them into personal style
  • Learn the benefits and features of new products
  • Use brand expertise to help drive sales

If you are looking to gain sales experience and get your foot in the door, try applying to some of the top fashion manufacturers such are Zara, H&M, Gap, and American Eagle!