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How Your Major Relates to Sales

Sales offer skills that are transferable to many aspects of your everyday life. However, you do not have to major in sales to be a successful salesperson. Below is a list of academic majors and how they relate to sales. 

Business - Majoring in business means you understand that the market drives all aspects of life. Everyone is involved in business and supply and demand affect how each business functions. Business majors know the ins and outs of policy, management, regulation, and markets. Having this knowledge as your foundation means you are the perfect fit for sales. 

History - Students majoring in history have strong skills needed to be successful in sales. Having a background in research, history students understand how certain approaches have impacted the corporate world. Fundamentally these students are detail-oriented, have exceptional oral and written skills, and thrive in fast-paced environments. History majors are able to see the big picture when others can’t and then apply techniques that worked or leave out those that did not work based on historical instances. 

Psychology - Closing a deal is one of the most important parts of the sales process. Psychology majors are able to gauge customer satisfaction based on the individual's emotions. Instead of focusing on costs during a sales pitch, psychology majors use their skills to find ways to market their products or services to the buyer’s wants and needs. Understanding their buyer persona allows them to align the values of the company and their product and service with their potential customer’s buyers. 

Arts - Not only is artwork often unique but the individuals responsible for their sales have an abstract thought process. Selling art requires patience. Art sales require the seller to be knowledgeable in art history, trends, criticisms, and opportunities. Artists have to understand their bottom line which affects how frequently they must produce pieces and the location and budget of their target audience. Having an understanding of the sales process is essential to success.

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