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Interviewing the Interviewer

You have practiced your interview questions and answers, you have your wardrobe laid out, and you have a plan to be on time for your meeting. What are you missing?

Questions! You are missing what questions to ask. You have spent all of this time thinking about how you fit into the role and what skills you can bring to the table, but you have forgotten to think about how does this company fits into your future? Even if this is not a company you see yourself working for in 5, 10, or even 20 years it is important to do your homework. Do your research on the company’s mission and values. Check out recent social media posts and news articles. Is there potential room for growth in the company? What are the management styles like and what have previous successes and failures looked like for this position? Don’t be afraid to take control and drive the interview to a conversation. Pay attention to body language and understand when to transition to the next topic or let another person speak.  

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