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Nailed it! Tips you need to nail down that job!

We will walk through information collected from interviews to make recommendations to help you be successful. Follow these best practices and you’ll walk away from your interview saying, “Nailed it!”

Use the job description as your roadmap to success. Based on the information provided and the research you have done on the company, you should be feeling confident and ready to answer any question that comes your way. 

For your interview:

  • Have a notepad and pen to take notes and write down questions.
  • Clarify “selling points”, why are you right for this job?
  • Have your attire picked out the night before your interview. 
  • If your meeting is in person bring multiple copies of your resume. 
  • If your meeting is online confirm your meeting beforehand and attach a copy of your resume with your response. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Tips for Interviewing resource.