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The CSS Sales Educational Series

In order to become the #1 community for the next generation of sales leaders, we’ve recognized the importance of standing for students of diverse backgrounds and stories. Standing for all the individuals who lacked proper resources growing up and for everyone who needs just a little bit of help to get started. We encourage you to learn more about CSS and our community through the CSS Sales Educational Series! Lend a helping hand or allow yourself to benefit from this series of virtual events covering the ins and outs of the sales world. 

For our kickoff event in February, we honored Black History Month with a panel of Black leaders to share insight on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace and how sales skills are easily transferable making sales a great entry-level career choice. 

In a similar fashion, earlier this month we paid respect to the accomplishments of women within tech in celebration of Women’s History Month. We met with women professionals from Paycom, the #1 ranked Best Work Place for Women, to discuss women in sales leadership. We walked away with advice on how to feel confident in pursuing a career in the male-dominated tech space.

In just 2 weeks' time, you can tune in and become a sales baller at Slam Dunk Your Next Cold Call! On Tuesday, March 29th at 4:00 PM PT/ 7:00 PM ET we will be meeting with PatientPop’s Associate Director of Sales Development, Jesse Gittler, for cold calling pro-tips. Jesse will be sharing the cold calling tips and tricks to help you SLAM DUNK your future cold calls. 

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Future events to register to attend:

  • Building Your Sales Pipeline
  • Cold Calling Competition 
  • Through a Recruiter's Eye
  • Mock Interviews with CSS

As part of our effort to provide students with easily accessible sales education, we are holding events every month till the end of the year! Collegiate Sales Society is here 24/7, 365 days a year to help students reach their full potential and become the leaders they were meant to be! Visit our website to read more about the upcoming events and to secure yourself a spot by registering to attend! 

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