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Sales in the Finance Industry: Show Me the Money!

It is likely that at some point in your life you have heard a parent, teacher, family member, friend talk about saving or investing money. This can be done through things like a retirement fund, the stock market, or a college savings account. In financial services, salespeople are often referred to as financial advisors. The role of a financial advisor is to work closely with clients who are seeking financial guidance on how to best manage their assets (i.e. money). 

Some financial services companies you might recognize are:

Financial advisors are responsible for “selling” their services to clients. As a part of their service, they are able to walk clients through any concerns they may have about their investments. Relying on an outside service to handle large amounts of money requires a certain level of trust, which needs to be fostered by a financial advisor early on. Financial advisors work in a very competitive environment. Due to their need to juggle multiple large plates like governmental regulations, personal certifications, and maintaining and prospecting new clients, newcomers find it difficult to maintain this rigorous lifestyle. If you are a hard worker and determined to be successful, the benefits of being a financial advisor are well worth the time and effort. 

Individuals that have a collegiate background in finance, math, statistics, and economics generally excel as financial advisors. Their experience, knowledge, and financial literacy and ability to use critical thinking allow them to do well in a competitive market. This role also relies heavily on analytical skills that impact financial decisions for clients, which these candidates possess in abundance.

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