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Love Sports? Try Sports Sales!

Imagine, it’s the last 30 seconds of the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals and your favorite basketball team is two points away from the championship. You can see thousands of fans cheering on the team, as you hold your breath in anticipation. The buzzer rings - your team won! But this win means more than just a few high fives and drinks to follow in celebration. It means that you and your fellow co-workers worked incredibly hard this season as part of the sales team for your favorite sports organization. You were actually a PART of this winning team.

If this is something you dream of, then you may want to look into a sports organization as an entryway to a lucrative career in sales! Without Ticket Sales, there would be no one in attendance at these games and no incoming revenue for these organizations. 

When looking for the perfect candidate, sports companies want to see college graduates that understand the importance of the sales process, CRM tools for lead generation, and the simple soft skills to enable selling. With the growing sectors within the sports industry, such as content creation, athlete sponsorships, community relations, and corporate partnerships; The avenues and opportunities for a sales career are expansive.

So how do you even get in?

Experience in the sales industry is gold, however, if you are just starting from the beginning or have some time before graduation, we recommend finding an internship that can help showcase the basics of selling. Most sports organizations offer internships that can often lead to full-time employment. Once in the desired internship, network, network, network. Aim to find a mentor or colleague who you can learn from and create meaningful relationships as you gain experience.  The key to becoming a highly coveted candidate is having a well-development set of sales-related skills. So focus on the skills that can be transferable, regardless of which industry you decide to choose!

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