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Through a Recruiters Eyes

Starting a job search can seem pretty overwhelming. When seeking employment in the sales industry begin by thinking through your external presence. Every sales recruiter is actively using LinkedIn and leveraging their network for candidates. What does your LinkedIn profile look like?

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile that is step one. Create your profile, or if you already have one, make sure you have a photo and your profile is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. If you need a little extra help with spelling and grammar download the free version of Grammarly. This will help you out more than you know!

Next, consider are your resume and cover letter up-to-date? Your resume should include your most recent position and be formatted in a way that is clear to read. You should not copy and paste a job description onto your resume. This space is used to highlight the skills you have gained and what you have accomplished in your role. Similarly, your cover letter should be relevant to the position you are applying to. Do not use the same cover letter for every position you apply for. Cover letters are meant to be used as an extension of your resume and should highlight the skills you have mastered.

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