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Getting started in a sales career in our industry

Why you should consider a sales career in the freight logistics

The freight logistics industry is growing rapidly and the career market is hot. The pandemic, and its impact on the supply chain, made it clear how important efficient shipping is to people’s daily lives. As the industry plays catch-up and becomes more resilient, companies need to fill an increasing number of sales roles. 

We spoke with Sara O’Halloran, a Network Solutions Specialist at Flock Freight, to get you the scoop on what’s exciting about logistics and what skills are needed to excel in this industry. 

Describe your role as a Network Solutions Specialist.

My role involves finding carriers (truck drivers/companies) to move freight for our customers for the best rate. I’m constantly forming relationships with dispatchers and drivers in order to understand their company needs and get our freight moved. 

What were you doing before, and why did you choose to go into sales?

Before Flock Freight, I was finishing up school and working at a law firm. I chose to go into sales because while in school, I worked in numerous customer service jobs, and I found that I thrived in roles that involved talking to people. I thought a sales role could play to my strengths and might be fun!

What interested you about logistics? 

When I was job searching, I looked at many different start-ups and sales roles, but as soon as I heard about Flock Freight I was hooked. I was drawn to the fact that shipping effectively is a necessity, so I wouldn’t have to convince anyone that they needed this service. More than anything though, I loved the fast-paced, competitive nature of the job. 

What are essential skills/knowledge needed to sell in this space?

There are some essential skills that apply to any industry such as:

  • General geography knowledge and legal driving times 
  • How to handle problems with training wheels 
  • Confidence on the phone
  • Knowledge about all sides of the organization
  • Basic understanding of the platform you are selling 

Whereas knowledge that’s more specific to freight logistics includes: 

What makes someone a good fit for this industry? 

  • Good problem solver
  • Friendly
  • Thick skin
  • Good attitude
  • Doesn’t give up easily
  • Money motivated

How did the Flock U FastTrack program prepare you for your current role?

Logistics is not simple and can be daunting for someone new to the space. The Flock University FastTrack program helped give me the knowledge, confidence, and skills to be successful in the tech/3PL space. The program is 8 weeks of training that sets up recent college graduates with a solid foundation to enter and succeed in this industry. 

Logistics isn’t just a hot job market–it’s an industry where you can be challenged and grow in a sales career. Follow Flock Freight on LinkedIn to learn more about the freight industry and hear about future sales opportunities.  Want to know more? Check out this video on the FastTrack program. 

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