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Cold Calling Competition

Students participating in the Fall 2021 CSS Summit Sales Cold Calling Competition will have a scheduled time to make one live cold call to someone acting as a potential buyer.

Thousands of dollars in prizes!

First Place: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card

Second Place: $500 Amazon Gift Card

Third Place: $250 Amazon Gift Card

Download a copy of the instructions.

Cold-Calling Winners (1)


Congratulations to the winners of our Cold-Calling Competition!

In 1st place, we have Isa Iturriria from CSS at Cal Poly SLO! Great job Isa!

Coming in as a close second is CSS President at UC Berkeley, Veronica Roseborough! Keep on paving the way for future Cal members!

And in third place, we have another Cal Poly SLO member, Samuel Lopez! Keep up the hard work, Sam!

Great job to everyone who put their sales skills to the test at the Fall 2021 Cold-Calling Competition!


You will schedule a time with the CSS team to make your cold call. The cold call will be done by logging into a Zoom link with the camera off to simulate not being able to see your buyer. 

You will be in the Zoom waiting room and when your buyer is ready, your buyer will admit you into the Zoom room and will greet you by saying “hello” as if your buyer just answered your cold call. The role-play begins immediately. 

After the call ends, you may stay on the Zoom link to receive live feedback from the mock buyer. 

The session will be recorded in order for the judges to review the cold call the following day.


For this year’s competition, you are a Sales Development Representative at Bird Rides (, a company well known for its electric scooters and electric bicycles. Bird is known for its scooter sharing app, but you are on a new B2B sales team responsible for selling bulk orders of their electric scooters to large companies with multi-building office campuses.


You are calling Marcus Oliveira, People Operations Leader at Facebook. You are not sure if Marcus would be in charge of this decision but your team generally sells to Human Resources and People Operations departments.


You will need to research Bird to prepare for your call. The goal on the call is to schedule a pricing-and-packing call between Marcus and an Account Executive at Bird that handles the largest companies in the Bay Area. Feel free to get creative, using any information you have learned about your product.

Live Cold Calling competition October 13th between 4:00 - 6:00 PM PSt.


In your 60 second mock cold call, you will be judged in the following areas:

  • Greeting and first impression
  • Articulate the reason for your call
  • Identify relevant facts and needs
  • Present a solution to a problem
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing the call

Please schedule a time slot for October 13, 2021. Once you have selected a time, a confirmation with a zoom link will be sent to your email.