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The Collegiate Sales Certification (CSC) is a 3 module sales course

The CSC is designed for students interested in learning about: sales, gaining real-world experience, and preparing for jobs & internships.



Vendition's Sales Bootcamp

Complete Vendition's Sales Bootcamp online course. Pass the final exam which is made up of multiple choice questions and short responses.


Salesforce SDR Certification

Take the CSS Salesforce online class, complete with assignments and Salesforce login. You must pass the Salesforce SDR final exam and submit proof of completion to your CSS proctor.


Cold Calling Fellowship

Complete CSS cold calling training course and experience one-on-one mock call training session with an instructor. While using a CRM you will make real-life cold calls and complete a final cold call with a CSS proctor.

Collegiate sales certification and the modules

Each module is 5-8 hours of work and can be completed all in 1 quarter or spread out over multiple quarters. 

Each module can be done individually, but students are required to complete all 3 modules to earn the CSC.

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CSC Checklist

LEARN how to sell.

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