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Empowering a new network of sales

CSS is inspired by its core values: 

  • Support 
  • Ability
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Success

We plan to support our future sales leaders by providing them with the ability to offer further advancement of sales knowledge through education and networking. Our curriculum grants students the skills they need to hold leadership positions on campus and in their future careers. To help them excel as leaders, we teach our students the importance of showing empathy for those they lead. We offer the tools students need to find success.

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Statement of inclusion

Collegiate Sales Society (CSS) is committed to upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values of our organization. We recognize the barriers under-represented groups face and aim to expand opportunities for all students to obtain equal access to sales education, career development, and networking. Competencies obtained through our collegiate sales certification and chapter experiences will provide a diverse cohort of students with an open environment dedicated to developing them personally and professionally. We understand the value and benefits that result from a diverse cohort of students and are committed to creating a sustainable community for the next generation of sales leaders.



Our mission is to create lifelong leaders through sales education, networking, and career opportunities.


CSS aspires to be the #1 community for the next generation of sales leaders. 

We offer top-of-the-line resources for students

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Our Commitment

Students who become engaged in student life during their academic careers develop a profound sense of leadership, problem-solving, social, and communication skills which can be directly applied to their career. The national team is committed to providing updated resources, learning from masters in the industry, and sharing these practices with you and your college or university.

Privacy Policy

We care deeply about our user’s privacy. This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by the company.  To read our full statement click here