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Your one stop shop for easy access to sales and professional development resources. Browse activity worksheets, graphics, and tools to further grow your knowledge. This centralized repository hosts our collection of downloadable presentations, best practices, and toolkits. Select which topic best suits your needs and start learning!

Resume Editing Video Tutorial!

Build a standout resume using our sample template. Penelope Yamauchi walks you through how to craft the perfect resume for your future employer. Check out the tutorial and become one step closer to landing your dream job.


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Find the template.

How your major relates to sales

Sales offer skills that are transferable to many aspects of your everyday life. However, you do not have to major in sales to be a successful salesperson. Here is a list of academic majors and how they relate to sales.

Common Interview questions and how to answer

Walk through 8 common sales interview questions and how to best answer them. Use the practice worksheet provided to write your response.

company research and questions to ask

If you know who is interviewing you spend some time reviewing their background. Do you have mutual connections or similar interests based on their experience? Check out our prep review and be prepared for you next interview.

Build a personal Brand online for sales

To generate awareness about your employment potential and personal goals and interests, building a personal brand can help you connect with companies of interest. Information adapted from Tyler Lindley, Sales Coach for Vendition.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Our Program Manager, Rahel, created an Interview Prep video that walks students through the 5 major aspects of interviewing. From researching and applying to answering questions and dressing to impress. Visit our YouTube channel to check it out!

LinkedIn Tutorial for Job seekers!

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for connecting with others in your industry. It allows job seekers to connect and engage with companies and employees from all over the world. Join Penelope Yamauchi as she walks you through a LinkedIn makeover. 

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How We Can Help You?

Our team has many skills so we’re able to offer a wide array of resources. We include a variety of career development, audio, and video tools, as well as one-on-one coaching to assist our members.

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Writing a Cover Letter

Walk through each section of writing a stellar cover letter. Use the resource provided as a guide to writing your own letter. Read more information here

Dress for Success

A guide on how to dress for your next job interview, courtesy of Stetson University. When you look good you feel good! Check out more information here.

How to tell your story

When you tell your story, think through your top accomplishments. This can include sports, past work, and academic achievements. Be prepared to describe how your mindset developed during a challenging time and how you grew from the experience. Read more here.

Thanking your interviewers

After an interview, it is very important that you send a follow-up thank you email or hand-written note. Learn more best practices and check out a sample letter here

Tips for Interviewing

Are you nervous about an upcoming online or in-person interview? Here are some tips to help prepare you for your big day!

Sales Terminology

Have you ever heard someone use a sales job position acronym and not know what it stands for? We've created a list of job descriptions and the abbreviations that match them. To learn more check out this resource.

Sample sales pitch

A sales pitch is when an individual attempts to persuade another person or group of people to believe or purchase what they are offering. The offer does not have to be an object, but can also be an additional meeting or further information. Student's worldwide engage in national sales pitch competitions to practice certain techniques that describe their offer and the problem it solves. Check out a sample 60 second pitch here.